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Article from the January 2011 edition
Playing Conceptionary
Workshop participants playing Conceptionary.
Two international NGOs invite IAN to science outreach conference in Zanzibar
The International Foundation for Science (IFS) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Sciences Association (WIOMSA) hosted a Science Outreach conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania the week of December 6-10. The scientists working in the WIO are faced with the on-going challenge of effectively communicating their research results to the local community of resource managers and resource users, many of whom are subsistence fishers. IAN's Bill Dennison, Jane Hawkey, and Kate Bentsen, along with Guiseppe DiCarlo from Conservation International were invited to conduct a one-day science communication workshop for the 70 participants, providing the scientists with tools to accomplish this task. For more details on the workshop, read Bill's Zanzibar series of blog posts.

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