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Article from the February 2006 edition
Science Communication Course Photo
Students learn effective science communication using hands-on techniques.
Science Communication Course (3-7 April, 2006)
The Integration and Application Network will be conducting a course in communicating science effectively at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Campus in Cambridge, Maryland. The course will cover the elements of effective science communication, applied principles of layout design, production of conceptual diagrams, oral presentation techniques, website design and production principles. A new addition to this year's course is a section on effective techniques for integrated ecosystem assessment. The course structure includes a variety of common elements and a series of elective modules so it can be tailored to your needs. The hands-on approach means that participants come away from the course with the technical skills to effectively communicate their own data with a variety of science communication products. Further details and online registration are available on the course website.

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
Further information: www.ian.umces.edu