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Article from the December 2011 edition
Jeff Allenby and Marcus Griswold
Jeff canoeing near the Patuxent River in the Merkle Wildlife Management Area; Marcus and his wife, Ann hiking in Sleepy Creek WMA West Virginia.
Department of Natural Resources partnership
Jeffrey Allenby and Marcus Griswold joined IAN/UMCES through a partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Jeff has been working with local communities to help realize and proactively adapt to climate change and coastal hazards, updating Maryland's Coastal Atlas, partnering with Maryland SeaGrant and the Coastal Training Program, and serving as an expert for the Assateague Island project. Previously, he worked at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation managing a field education program throughout the state. In his free time he enjoys running, mountain biking, photography, and trying out new recipes. Marcus is assisting with a multi-university climate change education initiative (MADE CLEAR) and works to move forward state and local climate adaptation practices and policies. He comes from the non-profit, private, and academic sector with a focus on evaluating the impacts of watershed degradation on aquatic ecosystems and the role of restoration and best management practices in enhancing biodiversity and water quality. Marcus enjoys most anything outdoors, from kayaking and hiking, to photography and urban vegetable gardening.

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