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Article from the March 2006 edition
Packard Foundation example conceptual diagram
Conceptual diagrams, similar to this one from the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, will be produced for each site.
IAN awarded Packard Foundation grant to develop science communication tools
The Integration and Application Network team recently received Packard Foundation funding for a two-year project to develop science communication tools for three sites within the Packard Foundation's Regional Initiative: Morro Bay (California), the Gulf of California (Mexico), and Palau. These workshops will be used as case studies to develop a handbook for integrated assessment and the project will further expand the conceptual diagram symbol libraries and produce web-based tutorials on using science communication tools. Ultimately, this project aims to use these three geographically and ecologically distinct Packard Foundations Regional Initiative sites to demonstrate the process of integrated assessment as well as develop a library of tools and resources for other locations to perform their own integrated assessments.

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