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Article from the December 2012 edition
Lami Town synthesis report cover
Ecosystem-based vs. engineering-based adaptation in Lami Town, Fiji
The narrow coastal area of Lami Town, Fiji, is surrounded by steep hills with three rivers flowing to the ocean, making it highly susceptible to flooding and erosion. This synthesis report presents a cost-benefit assessment of four adaptation scenarios to reduce Lami Town's vulnerability to flooding and erosion, both of which are projected to increase due to climate change. These four adaptation scenarios represent the spectrum of ecosystem-based and engineering-based adaptation options. Historically, engineering-based solutions have been predominantly used; however, ecosystem-based adaptation approaches are increasingly recognized as they provide additional benefits beyond solely reducing the identified threat. Based on the findings in this report, Lami Town council has already started planting mangroves and revegetating streamlines to mitigate flooding and erosion.

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