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Article from the April 2006 edition
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Seagrass of southwest Australia poster series utilizing conceptual diagrams.
Seagrasses of southwest Australia poster series
Southwest Australian seagrass meadows are unique and are both regionally and globally significant. This series of four posters (General, Estuaries, South Coast, West Coast) describe the unique coastal systems of southwest Australia through the use of conceptual diagrams from the IAN Symbol Libraries. This project was funded by CoastWest in Australia and the poster series is specifically targeted at the general public to communicate key issues and management priorities of these seagrass habitats. Tracey Saxby, Tim Carruthers, and Bill Dennison from IAN worked with Marion Cambridge (University of Western Australia) and members of the Water and Rivers Commission in Western Australia to put the posters together. The posters will be displayed at boat ramps, local stores, and information centers. They are available (in PDF format) from IAN press.

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