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Article from the June 2013 edition
Vernal pool hydrology conceptual diagram
Using skills taught in the course, one participant created this conceptual diagram, illustrating the hydrology of vernal pools.
IAN Science Communication Course held at Horn Point Lab
The Integration & Application Network (IAN) held its 2013 Science Communication Course open to all interested individuals. Participants came from all over the Mid-Atlantic region, and included post-docs, graduate students, academic faculty members, town government representatives, technical writers, and resource managers. All were interested in learning how to better communicate scientific principles and results to both scientist and non-scientist audiences. There was a wide range of backgrounds and interests among the participants: technical writing, wildlife ecology, Chesapeake Bay water quality, paleo-oceanography, outreach, and restoration ecology, to name a few. One participant summarized the 3-day course by saying, "A truly fantastic experience: informative, practical, and fun!".

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
Further information: www.ian.umces.edu