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Article from the July 2014 edition
Image of Zach Friedman
Please join us in welcoming Zach to IAN.
IAN welcomes Zach Friedman
Zach is a designer who is passionate about the details. He loves to innovate and craft beautifully simple designs. A graduate from The Art Institute of Washington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, he combines elements of traditional print design with a love of typography to create interactive and engaging online experiences. Zach is joining the IAN/CBP team as a web designer, responsible for the user interaction and user experience of the Chesapeake Bay Program website, web applications, and mobile products. Previously, Zach worked as a designer on the United States Army web team. Born and raised in Maryland, Zach loves to travel. When not at work, he might be outside gardening, playing board games, and/or spending time with his family. He loves coffee, making people laugh, and enjoying the occasional nap (just not at work, of course).

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
Further information: www.ian.umces.edu