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Article from the August 2014 edition
Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card 2013
Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card 2013.
Baltimore Healthy Harbor Report Card scores a 51% for 2013
The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore and Blue Water Baltimore published the Healthy Harbor Report Card to help lead the public, government, and businesses toward a healthy Baltimore Harbor, one that is swimmable and fishable by 2020. Using water quality indicators, the health condition of the Harbor was determined for 2013. This score of 51% was an improvement over the 2012 score of 40%. This was the first year that Baltimore Harbor's streams and watershed were also monitored and evaluated. Baltimore Harbor Watershed scored a 57% in 2013. Human health indicators are also discussed in the report card. This newsletter provides the overall results, and describes how the public has been helping clean up their Harbor as well.

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