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Article from the March 2016 edition
Science Visualization course screen shot
Participants in the Science Visualization course can see the presentation, instructors, and students simultaneously.
New Science Visualization course
IAN is offering a new 2 credit graduate course in Science Visualization through the Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science program this semester. The course employs a 'flipped classroom' in which lectures are recorded prior to class and made available on the Integration and Application Network YouTube channel. The IAN team of science communication practitioners is teaching this course. Classtime discussions are summarized in a weekly blog, posted on Wednesdays on the IAN website. Students in this hands-on course will be creating conceptual diagrams, data visualizations, maps and photographs in the initial section. The second section of the course focuses on storyboarding and assembling posters, reports, web materials and oral presentations. Course materials (recorded lectures and blogs) are being made available to anyone interested in developing more effective science visualization skills.

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
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