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Article from the June 2016 edition
WebStock 2016 participants
More than 20 people participated in the Chesapeake Bay Program Creative Team's WebStock. Peace, love, and the web.
Chesapeake Bay Program's Creative Team hosts WebStock 2016
This month, the Chesapeake Bay Program Creative Team hosted a one-day symposium on all things web for an audience of friends and colleagues. Known as WebStock, the annual event was revitalized last spring as a way for the Creative Team to introduce others to the work they do and the methods they use to do it. Indeed, participants gained an understanding of how the Creative Team can help them and how they can use the team's own tools and processes to improve their work. As we closed the event by sharing what we learned, two themes rose to the top: the amount of thought that goes into creating great work and the importance of working with a cross-functional team.

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