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Article from the June 2016 edition
Science Visualization class utilized flipped or inverted style teaching
IAN's new course, Science Visualization, created a new and unique website.
First semester-long course in Science Visualization completed
This spring IAN offered a new course in Science Visualization through the Marine-Estuarine Environmental Science graduate program of the University System of Maryland. The class utilized a 'flipped' or 'inverted' classroom in which lecture content was provided before class time via YouTube videos. Class period was used for discussion and review of student's work. The course generated 18 video lectures/tutorials, 13 blog posts and a course website in which all of the videos, blogs, and student portfolios are available. Planned future iterations of the course will be offered to our collaborators in the NGO community and partner agencies.

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
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