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Article from the February 2017 edition
Heath Kelsey on Capitol Hill to present the Action Agenda from the Upper Mississippi River Raise the Grade to Cheri Bustos and Dave Loebsack
Mike Smith, Representative Cherie Bustos, and Heath Kelsey on Capitol Hill.
Upper Mississippi Action Agenda delivered to Congress
On January 3 and 4, Heath Kelsey visited Capitol Hill with Mike Smith (Greensmith PR) to deliver the Action Agenda for the Upper Mississippi River Watershed to Representatives Cherie Bustos (D, Illinois) and Dave Loebsack (D, Iowa). The Action Agenda was an outcome of the October 2016 Raise the Grade Conference in Moline, IL, and detailed seven concrete actions that can be taken in a 1-3 year time frame to improve conditions in the Upper Mississippi River Watershed. Both representatives attended the conference in Moline, and were genuinely interested in the agenda and the process for generating it.

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