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Article from the May 2017 edition
CMC tidal water quality monitoring factsheets
Be sure to check out these water quality indicator factsheets.
IAN creates tidal water quality factsheets for volunteer monitors
As part of the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative project, IAN produced 12 factsheets describing 14 tidal water quality indicators. These indicators are part of the CMC's tidal water quality Quality Assurance Project Plan and Method Manuals. The factsheets are intended for nontraditional and volunteer monitoring groups to include as part of their water quality monitoring programs as education materials for their volunteers. Additionally, IAN produced 20 matrices that illustrate the overlap between volunteer and nontraditional monitoring groups with the Chesapeake Bay Agreement's outcomes and goals. These products are part of the broader goal of the project to integrate volunteer and nontraditional monitoring data into the Chesapeake Bay Program's monitoring networks.

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