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Article from the July 2017 edition
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A recently published paper on Chesapeake Bay's submerged aquatic vegetation which appears in Bioscience.
Submerged aquatic vegetation synthesis published in Bioscience
"Submerged aquatic vegetation in Chesapeake Bay: Sentinel species in a changing world" was published in Bioscience in June. Thirteen scientists from a diversity of institutions have been collaborating in a synthesis effort (SAV SYN), sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Program. Bob Orth and Bill Dennison co-led the effort. The paper focuses on the ability of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) to be a guardian or protector of the health of Chesapeake Bay acting as a sentinel species. The paper also discusses the idea that SAV can be sensitive indicator of environmental change. Chesapeake Bay SAV are facing both historical and emerging challenges, with both positive and negative stories about its future persistence.

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