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Article from the September 2017 edition
Everglades workshop participants standing in front of Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education building sign.
Greater Everglades workshop participants August 14-15, 2017.
Everglades regional workshops following Everglades newsletter
In August, IAN held three regional workshops in Florida to lay the foundations for the Everglades Report Card and 2019 System Status Report. These workshops brought together scientists and managers from four unique regions throughout the Everglades: Greater Everglades, Northern Estuaries, Southern Coastal Systems, and Lake Okeechobee. The next step to creating these documents will be to work with Everglades scientists over the next year to compile and assess data. The final Everglades Report Card and System Status Report are expected to be completed by January 2019. More about this project can be found in the March 2017 newsletter.

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