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Article from the September 2017 edition
Bill Dennison, Simon Costanzo, Michele Thieme
Bill, Michelle, and Simon stopped at a Mongolian ger and the owners welcomed them into their home and shared a bite to eat.
IAN starts a project on the Tuul River in Mongolia
Simon Costanzo and Bill Dennison from IAN went to Mongolia with Michele Thieme from WWF to work with WWF Mongolia colleagues as part of the Healthy Rivers for All partnership. Field trips to the Mongolian steppe and workshops in the capitol, Ulaanbaatar, were conducted in collaboration with staff from the WWF Mongolia and the Tuul River Basin Authority on July 2017. A Tuul River report card will ultimately be produced and this initial workshop provided the training and tools for the Mongolian team to lead this effort. A series of blogs was posted to chronicle this initial visit.

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