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Article from the October 2017 edition
IAN team photo from persuasive writing workshop
IAN staff voted on persuasive writing training for group professional development to improve its partnerships and IAN Report Card scores.
Watch out: IAN just learned how to be more persuasive!
The IAN team came together in Annapolis, Maryland for a one-day communication skills training workshop led by John Sturtevant. Over the course of the day John covered a wide variety of persuasive writing topics including the goals and objectives of writing, syllogism, and how to structure a basic argument. While this training is usually prepared for the business world, the straightforward principles will be easily applied to IAN's work in science communication and ecohealth assessments. The workshop was dynamic, interactive, and fun. The team is looking forward to its next training with John in the new year.

The Integration & Application Network is an initiative of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
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