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Dave Nemazie
Associate Vice President for External Affairs

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

PO Box 775
2020 Horns Point Rd
Cambridge, MD 21613

Phone: (410) 221-2006
Email: nemazie@umces.edu

Dave Nemazie Integration and Application Network Dave Nemazie Associate Vice President for External Affairs Dave Nemazie Photo work(410) 221-2006 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
PO Box 775
/ 2020 Horns Point Rd
Cambridge MD 21613 USA


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Peer-reviewed Publications

Purcell JE, White JR, Nemazie DA, Wright DA (1999) Temperature, salinity and food effects on asexual reproduction and abundance of the scyphozoan Chrysaora quinquecirrha. Marine Ecology-Progress Series 180:187–196
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Malone TC, Nemazie DA (1996) Toward a national agenda for research in the coastal zone: Where are we? Biological Bulletin 190(2):245–251
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Purcell JE, Nemazie DA, Dorsey SE, Houde ED, Gamble JC (1994) Predation Mortality of Bay Anchovy Anchoa-Mitchilli Eggs and Larvae Due to Scyphomedusae and Ctenophores in Chesapeake Bay. Marine Ecology-Progress Series 114(1-2):47–58
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Nemazie DA, Purcell JE, Glibert PM (1993) Ammonium Excretion by Gelatinous Zooplankton and Their Contribution to the Ammonium Requirements of Microplankton in Chesapeake Bay. Marine Biology 116(3):451–458
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Purcell JE, Nemazie DA (1992) Quantitative Feeding Ecology of the Hydromedusan Nemopsis-Bachei in Chesapeake Bay. Marine Biology 113(2):305–311
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Science Communication Publications

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Integration and Application Network (2017) Report cards and system dynamics modelling. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Integration and Application Network (2016) Avaliando a saúde da Baía de Guanabara e sua Bacia Hidrográfica. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Integration and Application Network (2016) Assessing the health of Guanabara Bay and its river basins. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Integration and Application Network (2016) Laguna De Bay: 2013 Ecosystem Health Report Card. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 8pp (Report card)
Integration and Application Network (2013) Helping your woodland adapt to a changing climate. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 2pp (Newsletter)
Boicourt KE and Johnson ZP (eds) (2011) Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland's Vulnerability to Climate Change, Phase II: building societal, economic, and ecological resilience. University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Cambridge, Maryland and Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Annapolis, Maryland, 80pp (Report)
Integration and Application Network (2003) University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science: History, Mission & Accomplishments. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)


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Toxic cocktail from heavy rainfall could devastate bay