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David Jasinski
Data Analyst

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

PO Box 1346
Gloucester Poin, VA 23062

Phone: (804) 684-7694
Fax: (804) 684-7120
Email: djasinsk@chesapeakebay.net

David Jasinski Integration and Application Network David Jasinski Data Analyst David Jasinski Photo workfax(804) 684-7120 work(804) 684-7694 Virginia Institute of Marine Science
PO Box 1346
Gloucester Poin VA 23062 USA


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Peer-reviewed Publications

Hagy JD, Boynton WR, Jasinski DA (2005) Modelling phytoplankton deposition to Chesapeake Bay sediments during winter-spring: interannual variability in relation to river flow. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 62(1-2):25–40
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Conference Proceedings

Wang P, Linker L, Jasinski DA, Dennison WC, Shenk G, Batiuk R (2006) Forecast of Summer Anoxia in the Chesapeake Bay. In: Spaulding ML (ed) Estuarine and Coastal Modeling: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Estuarine and Coastal Modeling held in Charleston, South Carolina, from October 31 to November 2, 2005. American Society of Civil Engineers, 874 pp
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Book Contributions

Jasinski DA, Longstaff BJ, Wicks EC (2010) Chapter 7: Ecological forecasts: building a predictive capacity to guide management. In: Longstaff BJ, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lookingbill TR, Hawkey JM, Thomas JE, Wicks EC, Woerner JL (eds) Integrating and Applying Science: A handbook for effective coastal ecosystem assessment. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, p 97–110
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Science Communication Publications

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Integration and Application Network (2007) A summer of poor water clarity, algal blooms, and fish kills. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Integration and Application Network (2007) Supporting management through an annual cycle of ecological forecasting and assessment. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 1pp (Poster)
Integration and Application Network (2007) Chesapeake Bay 2007: Summer Ecological Forecast. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Wicks EC, Jasinski DA and Longstaff BJ (2007) Breath of Life: Dissolved oxygen in Chesapeake Bay. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)
Integration and Application Network (2005) MASC Newsletter 2 - Ecological Forecast, Summer 2005. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 4pp (Newsletter)