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Howard Weinberg
Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Chesapeake Bay Program Office

410 Severn Avenue
Suite 109
Annapolis, MD 21403

Phone: (410) 267-5735
Fax: (410) 267-5777

Howard Weinberg Integration and Application Network Howard Weinberg Senior Faculty Research Assistant Howard Weinberg Photo workfax(410) 267-5777 work(410) 267-5735 Chesapeake Bay Program Office
410 Severn Avenue Suite 109
Annapolis MD 21403 USA


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NameHoward Weinberg


2001- Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Univ. of Maryland Center for Environmental Science/Chesapeake Bay Program
  • Provide GIS services to the staff and partners of the Chesapeake Bay Program using ARC/INFO (NT) and ArcView including data analysis and cartography.
  • Analyzed historical SAV data to help set new restoration goal.
  • Perform analyses such as assessing water clarity depths of application for submerged aquatic vegetation and potential zebra mussel colonization in the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Produced maps and tables of information in collaborative effort with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to create a web-based Washington Region Greenspace Atlas to educate the public about the threats to remaining greenspace in that region.
  • Write complex macros in AML programming language.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to state and federal personnel.
  • Evaluate and QA/QC data from various federal, state and university sources.
  • Represent the Bay Program at meetings of federal and state agencies.
1995-2001 GIS Specialist
Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore/Chesapeake Bay Program Annapolis, MD
  • Provided GIS services to the Living Resources Subcommittee and others in the Chesapeake Bay Program using ARC/INFO (UNIX and NT) and ArcView.
  • Performed analyses such as assessing wetland functions based on surrounding land cover, targeting of habitat restoration for species of concern and nutrient reduction, examining forest fragmentation on a regional scale, and generating percentage of impervious surface by small watershed.
  • Created maps to support watershed management through habitat restoration targeting, greenway and greenspace identification, and for display on the Bay Program website.
  • Wrote complex macros in AML programming language.
  • Provided technical assistance and training to state and federal personnel.
  • Evaluated and QA/QC data from various federal, state and university sources.
  • Converted data from DLG, DXF, GRASS, dBase and other formats for GIS use.
1992-1994 Teaching Assistant
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Syracuse, NY
  • Assisted courses in beginning ARC/INFO GIS software usage and spatial
    modeling which included supervising labs, lecturing, helping students,
    developing assignments and grading.
  • Mapping Consultant 1993 Central/Western New York Nature Conservancy Rochester, NY ? Developed plan for mapping Chaumont Barrens preserve.
  • Mapped preserve from aerial photos, fieldwork, USGS quad sheets, tax maps,
    Natural Heritage Program element occurrence and other data; digitized in
    PC ARC/INFO format.
  • Worked with community ecologist, botanist and land steward on site.
  • Analyzed changes in rare communities and land use between 1948 and 1991.
  • Made recommendations for further work and preserve management.
1992-1994 Mapping Sciences Analyst
Spruce Grouse Recovery Team
New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation Ray Brook, NY


  • Created geographic database of spruce grouse habitat in the lowland boreal
    region of the Adirondacks to aid in recovery of this threatened species.
  • Created methodology to analyze data for characteristics of existing and potential
    habitat at both local and landscape levels.
  • Classified Landsat TM satellite imagery into cover types using ERDAS.
  • Used ARC/INFO and IDRISI software to create data layers
  • Produced detailed maps.
  • Member of team that drafted spruce grouse recovery plan for New York State
    Department of Environmental Conservation.
1991-1992 Research Project Assistant, Northern Forest Lands Inventory
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Syracuse, NY


  • Digitized, edited, error-checked and maintained data for small watershed,
    regulatory wetland and transportation data using PC ARC/INFO.
  • Kept detailed documentation of all work, including data lineages.
    Adirondack Park Agency Ray Brook, NY
  • Used ARC/INFO in collection and manipulation of hydrography, parcel
    mapping and land use data for inclusion in a regional database.
1979-1991 Programmer/Analyst
Onondaga County Dept. of Data Processing Syracuse, NY
  • Designed, developed, wrote and implemented batch and on-line record-
    keeping systems for Departments of Social Services and Probation.
  • Created and maintained databases for those systems.


May 1994 M.S. Natural Resources Management
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Syracuse, NY
May 1977 B.A. Music (Composition)
Certificate in Medieval Studies SUNY Binghamton Binghamton, NY

Other Training:

  • Applied Fluvial Geomorphology (Rosgen method) 1996
  • Visual Basic (UMUC) 1999
  • Presenting Data and Information 1999
  • Wetland Mitigation and Restoration 2000


  • "GIS Analysis of Sites Occupied by Spruce Grouse in the Northern Adirondacks” presented at the Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, April 1993.
  • "GIS Analysis of Spruce Grouse Habitat in the Northern Adirondacks" presented at the
    New York State Geographic Information Systems Conference, Ithaca, NY, October 1993, and the New York State Natural History Conference, Albany, NY, April 1994.
  • “Fragmented Forests in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed” map published in ESRI Map Book
    vol. 15: Applications of Geographic Information Systems, 2000 and posters presented at the
    2000 ESRI Users Conference.


Global Positioning Systems

  • Trimble Pathfinder GPS receiver and software to perform differential positioning.

Technical manual editor (freelance)

  • Worked on team editing engineering software manuals

Education Volunteer, Burnet Park Zoo Syracuse, NY

  • Worked with keeper responsible for raptors and waterfowl.
  • Participated in behavioral studies (red wolf, bald eagle, etc.).

English as a Second Language Tutor, Literacy Volunteers


Society for Conservation GIS
The Wildlife Society