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Dr Jing Wu
Assistant Research Scientist

Chesapeake Bay Program Office

410 Severn Avenue
Suite 109
Annapolis, MD 21403

Phone: (410) 267-9871
Fax: (410) 267-5777
Email: jwu@chesapeakebay.net

Jing Wu Integration and Application Network Dr Jing Wu Assistant Research Scientist Jing Wu Photo workfax(410) 267-5777 work(410) 267-9871 Chesapeake Bay Program Office
410 Severn Avenue Suite 109
Annapolis MD 21403 USA


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NameJing Wu


January 2004 Ph. D, Environmental Engineering
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Department of Civil Engineering
June 1995 M.S., Water Resources Engineering
Wuhan University of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering, Wuhan, China Department of Water Resources Engineering
July 1992 B.S., Water Resources Engineering
Wuhan University of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering, Wuhan, China Department of Water Resources Engineering


March 2004- University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science/EPA Chesapeake Bay Program office Annapolis, MD

Assistant Research Scientist

  • Developing and adapting software systems to operate and calibrate the phase 5 Chesapeake Bay watershed model.
  • Assisting in using the watershed model to provide direction and focus for the Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts.
  • Generating and analyzing sediment and nutrient loads in the Chesapeake watershed; Simulating different management actions to provide information for water quality simulation
1999-2004 Department of Civil Engineering, UVA, Charlottesville, VA

Research Assistant

  • Applied watershed model HSPF, water quality model CE-QUAL-W2 and uncertainty analysis techniques to develop an integrated watershed management strategy for effective eutrophication control. Simulated hydrological and non-point source load generation processes in watershed using HSPF and water column processes using CE-QUAL-W2. Developed Best Management Practices (BMPs) placement strategies at the watershed scale for non-point source pollution control. Evaluated the risks of the developed management strategies. Research contributes to the completion of Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • Investigated the use of salt ponds for snow weather on contamination of groundwater. Responsible for collecting data, field sampling and statistical analysis.
  • Modeled the effects of the proposed Rt.29 Bypass in Charlottesville, VA on water quality in a water supply reservoir using WASP model. Evaluated Virginia Department of Transportation proposed stormwater management plans. Responsible for writing the final report.
  • Assessed water quality status of a water supply reservoir in Richmond, VA by collecting and analyzing water quality data. Assessed the impacts of the construction of Rt.288 on reservoir water quality. Evaluated stormwater management strategies designed for highway runoff control.
  • Conducted the experiment and performed laboratory analyses to test the performance of an innovative Biorentention BMP. In charge of QA/QC and writing the final report. Research results in the determination of critical design parameters and the potential application of the BMP for stormwater treatment.
  • Performed lab experiments in an EPA-funded bench-scale wetland study using constructed vegetative cells to test the performance of specific plant species for pollutant removal.

Teaching Assistant

  • APMA213 - “Ordinary Differential Equations”
  • APMA308 – “Linear Algebra”
1995-1999 Shenzhen Water Resources Bureau, Shenzhen, China

Water Resources Engineer

  • Principal investigator in the project “The Effect of Urbanization on Hydrological Characteristics in Shenzhen”. Responsible for data collection, statistical analyses of the data, and the development of a local hydrological model. Results were used to address the effect of urbanization, to adjust long-term landuse and to improve flood control planning.
  • Performed hydrological model setup and flooding risk analysis in the development of a decision-support system for Flood Control, Drought and Typhoon Prevention, Shenzhen. The system was used to forecast flood, to allocate water resources, and to identify appropriate quick response in emergency situations.
  • Engaged in Water Resources and Flood Control Planning for the city of Shenzhen. Responsible for land use and water sources survey, data collection and analysis. Co-complied the final report. The work assessed the current status of water resources management, and set up a 10-year management strategy for better use of water resources and effective flood control.


Member - American Water Resources Association
Member - American Society of Civil Engineers
Member - Graduate Student Committee in the Department of Civil Engineering, 2000-2002


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Peer-reviewed Publications

Zou R, Lung WS, Wu J (2009) Multiple-pattern parameter identification and uncertainty analysis approach for water quality modeling. Ecol. Model. 220(5):621–629
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Zou R, Lung WS, Wu J (2007) An adaptive neural network embedded genetic algorithm approach for inverse water quality modeling. Water Resour. Res. 43(8):13 pp
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Wu J, Yu SL, Zou R (2006) A water quality-based approach for watershed wide BMP strategies. J. Am. Water Resour. Assoc. 42(5):1193–1204
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Wu J, Zou R, Yu SL (2006) Uncertainty analysis for coupled watershed and water quality modeling systems. J. Water Resour. Plan. Manage.-ASCE 132(5):351–361
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Science Communication Publications

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Wu J, Wang P, Shenk G and Linker L (2009) Geographic Region Isolation Runs for Developing Nutrient Load Allocations for the Chesapeake Bay Restoration. IAN Press, Cambridge, MD, 16pp (Presentation)