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Melissa Rogers
Education Coordinator, MADE CLEAR

Phone: (410) 767-0332

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NameMelissa Rogers


M.S. Geophysics–1988 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
The determination of QLg and Qc as a function of frequency in the crust of Virginia and its environs

B.S. Geophysics–1985 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


2008-2013 Science Faculty, Laurel School, Shaker Heights, Ohio

2006-2009 Program Manager, Case Western Reserve University, Center for Science and Math Education

2001-2005 Science Consultant for Educator Professional Development, SMART Consortium, Cleveland, Ohio

2002-2005 Earth Sciences Adjunct Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College

1997-2001 Deputy Director for Outreach / Educational Programs Manager, National Center for Microgravity Research on Fluids and Combustion, NASA Glenn Research Center

1994-1997 Project Scientist / Team Leader, Principal Investigator Microgravity Services, NASA Glenn Research Center

5/89-12/93 Research Associate, University of Alabama in Huntsville, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Honors and Service to Education and Science Communities

Advisory Committee member, member of teacher training team, Case Western Reserve University Jason Expeditions 1998-2009.

Recipient of 1999 NASA Silver Snoopy Award for mission success of various space acceleration related projects.

Provided print material for 1997-1998 NASA CONNECT video production “Microgravity, Doing More in Less” which won the 1998 Aurora Gold Award for instructional and science education.

Scientific Editor, Gravitational Effects in Materials and Fluid Sciences Symposium, 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Nagoya, Japan, July 1998.

Selected Publications and Presentations
Educational Products

C.B. Rosenberg, C. Hodanbosi, S. Beres, M.J.B. Rogers, A. Schwartz, Amusement Park Physics With a NASA Twist, NASA Educational Guide EG-2003-03-010-GRC, March 2003.

C.B. Rosenberg, M.J.B. Rogers, How High Is It? An Educator’s Guide with Activities Focused on Scale Models of Distances, NASA Educational Guide EG-2001-03-005-GRC, March 2001.

M.J.B. Rogers, C. Rosenberg, NASA’s Student Glovebox, NASA Educational Guide EG-2000-09-004-GRC, September 2000. C.

Rosenberg, M.J.B. Rogers, Fall Into Mathematics, NASA Educational Wallsheet EW-2000-01-013-MSFC, January 2000. C. Rosenberg,

M.J.B. Rogers, Microgravity: Fall Into Mathematics, NASA Educational Brief EB-1999-03-001-GRC, March 1999. M.J.B. Rogers,

M.J. Wargo, G.L. Vogt, Microgravity–A Teacher’s Guide with Activities in Science, Mathematics, and Technology, NASA Educational Guide EG-1997-08-110-HQ, August 1997. Guide recognized by Annenberg/CPB.

M.J.B. Rogers, G.L. Vogt, M.J. Wargo, The Mathematics of Microgravity, NASA Educational Brief EB-1997-02-119-HQ, February 1997.

M.J.B. Rogers, M.J. Wargo, The Microgravity Demonstrator, NASA Educational Guide EG-1997-02-001-LERC, February 1997.

Peer-reviewed Journals / Conference Presentations

M.J.B. Rogers, K. Hrovat, M.E. Moskowitz, Effects of Exercise Equipment on the Microgravity Environment, Advances in Space Research 24 (1999) 1283-1287, Proceedings of the 32nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July 1998, Nagoya, Japan.

M.J.B. Rogers, B.P. Matisak, Microgravity Environment and Orbital Dynamics during TSS Deploy on STS-75, Joint Xth European and VIth Russian Symposium on Physical Sciences in Microgravity, June 1997, St. Petersburg, Russia (invited paper).

M.J.B. Rogers, B.P. Matisak, J.I.D. Alexander, Venting Force Contributions to Accelerations on USML 1, Microgravity Science and Technology 7 (1995) 293-297.

M.J.B. Rogers, The Microgravity Environment of the Space Shuttle Orbiters and the Space Station Mir, 9th European Symposium on Gravity-dependent Phenomena in Physical Sciences, May 1995, Berlin, Germany (plenary lecture).

J.I.D. Alexander, M.J.B. Rogers, Passive Accelerometer System: Measurements on STS-50 (USML-1), Proceedings of the USML-1/USMP-1 L+1 Conference, Huntsville, Alabama, September, 1993, ed. D.O. Frazier, NASA CP 3773, 1994.

M.J.B. Rogers, Microgravity Acceleration Environment Support for Principal Investigators, Microgravity Materials Science Workshop, May 1994, Huntsville, Alabama (invited speaker, opening plenary session).

B.P. Matisak, J.I.D. Alexander, M.J.B. Rogers, Analysis of the Passive Accelerometer System (PAS) Measurements during USML-1, 32nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 1994, Reno, Nevada, AIAA Paper 94-0434.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, J. Schoess, Detailed Analysis of Honeywell In-Space Accelerometer data–STS-32, Microgravity Science and Technology 6 (1993) 28-35.

R. Wolf, M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, A Residual Acceleration Data Analysis and Management System, Advances in Space Research 13 (1993) (7)256-(7)265.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, Residual Acceleration Data Analysis for Spacelab Missions, Microgravity Science and Technology 5 (1992) 43-49.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, Analysis of Spacelab 3 Residual Acceleration Data, AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 28 (1992) 52-59.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, A Strategy for Residual Acceleration Data Reduction and Dissemination, Advances in Space Research 11 (1991) (7)5-(7)8.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, Cross-Correlation Analysis of On-orbit Residual Accelerations in Spacelab, Proceedings of the 29th Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 7-10,, 1991, Reno, Nevada, AIAA Paper 91-0348.

M.J.B. Rogers, J.I.D. Alexander, A Strategy for Residual Acceleration Data Reduction and Dissemination, Proceedings of the 28th COSPAR Plenary Meeting, Den Haag, Netherlands, 1990.

M.C. Chapman, M.J.B. Rogers, Coda Q in the Southern Appalachians, Geophysical Research Letters 16 (1989) 531-534.

F.C. Davison, M.J. Bodé, A Note on the December 1986 - January 1987 Richmond, Virginia, Felt Earthquake Sequence, Seismological Research Letters 58 (1987) 73-80.


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