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Dr Rebecca Murphy

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Dr Rebecca Murphy
Water Quality Analyst

Chesapeake Bay Program Office

410 Severn Avenue
Suite 109
Annapolis, MD 21403

Phone: (410) 267-9837
Email: rmurphy@umces.edu

Rebecca Murphy Integration and Application Network Dr Rebecca Murphy Water Quality Analyst Rebecca Murphy Photo work(410) 267-9837 Chesapeake Bay Program Office
410 Severn Avenue Suite 109
Annapolis MD 21403 USA


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NameRebecca Murphy



PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Geography and Environmental Engineering


ME from Cornell University in Biological and Environmental Engineering


BS from Cornell University in Agricultural and Biological Engineering




Assistant Research Scientist. UMCES Chesapeake Bay Program. Annapolis, Maryland


Engineer III. EA Engineering, Science, and Technology. Hunt Valley, Maryland


Research Assistant. Johns Hopkins University, Department of Geography and

Environmental Engineering. Baltimore, Maryland


Senior Associate. ICF International. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina


Engineering-in-training. Blue: Land, Water, Infrastructure. Clayton, North Carolina



My work and research experiences have all involved identifying, linking, and using the right mix of analysis tools, models, and data to examine environmental problems.  At the Chesapeake Bay Program, I am computing and evaluating long-term trends in water quality throughout the estuary.  This involves using Generalized Additive Models and other statistical techniques to explore spatial and temporal dynamics of various parameters in the estuary.  My doctoral research was closely related and involved conducting long-term data analyses of hypoxia, stratification, nutrients, climate, and other relevant environmental variables in Chesapeake Bay.  I also developed and implemented novel spatial statistics tools for interpolation of water quality data in the Bay.  While working in consulting, I designed and built multiple 3-dimentional kriging-based models of sediment contamination for remediation plans at sites around the U.S. and ran multiple dynamic models for both thermal plume and air dispersion evaluations.  My expertise is in statistical spatial interpolation (kriging) and long-term data analysis, and I consistently find myself bridging the gaps between engineering, computer science, and environmental science disciplines with my work.



  • Data analyses using geostatistics, GIS, regression, parametric and non-parametric statistics
  • Database development and querying: Visual Basic, SQL, MS Access
  • Scientific programming: R, Matlab, SAS
  • Applying modeling software: Hydrodynamic (DHI’s MIKE3); Air Quality (AERMOD, ISC-ST3, SCREEN3, and MOBILE); Multimedia Fate and Transport (TRIM.FaTE)



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Published as Rebecca R. Walden prior to 2004:

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Murphy, R.R.  2012.  Development and Use of Spatial Interpolation Methods to Analyze Trends in Chesapeake Bay Seasonal Hypoxia and Stratification.  Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.