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NPS: Shenandoah National Park: science communication products
Shenandoah National Park is a natural oasis in the densely populated Mid−Atlantic region. Thus, the park is an important refuge for both wildlife and people, but its location in the midst of urban, suburban, and agricultural development exposes it to threats including air pollution, water degradation, land use change, and alteration of biological communities. In order to understand and minimize these threats, park staff gather data about natural resource conditions and trends as part of the National Park Service's Mid−Atlantic Inventory and Monitoring Network. IAN and Shenandoah staff created a booklet to illustrate these threats and show how effective monitoring can track changes in conditions and guide management practices.  Full Details  


Start: 19th September, 2008
Finish: 31st July, 2011
Duration: 2 year(s), 10 month(s), 15 day(s)

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National Park Service

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Joanna Woerner Photo Joanna Woerner (IAN Alumni)
Web and Social Media Analyst
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Joanna Woerner Integration and Application Network Joanna Woerner Web and Social Media Analyst Joanna Woerner Photo Indiana University Health