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IAN: Symbol Libraries
This free, downloadable symbol library has been providing users with symbols crafted by IAN science communicators for use in constructing conceptual diagrams. This project involves getting the symbols uploaded individually to our searchable image library, adding many new symbols, and making them all available through our online diagram creator.  Full Details  


Start: 1st November, 2002
Duration: Ongoing


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Tracey Saxby Photo Tracey Saxby (IAN Alumni)
Project Manager
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Tracey Saxby Integration and Application Network Tracey Saxby Project Manager Tracey Saxby Photo Visual Science
work Squamish BC V8B0C2 CANADA

Adrian Jones PhotoDr Adrian Jones (IAN Alumni)
Web Developer
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Adrian Jones Integration and Application Network Dr Adrian Jones Web Developer Adrian Jones Photo Visual Science
work Squamish BC V8B0C2 CANADA