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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Hurricane Sandy report

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation established a Hurricane Sandy Wildlife Response Fund to conduct a rapid assessment of the ecological impacts of Hurricane Sandy from North Carolina to Rhode Island, with emphasis on habitats and associated wildlife. Scientists from various organizations including government agencies, non-government organizations, and academic institutions provided data and information about Hurricane Sandy in relation to both Chesapeake Bay and the Delmarva Coastal Bays, which was then integrated into a 20-page summary report. The goal of the summary report is to effectively communicate the impacts of Hurricane Sandy to U.S. congressional leadership and the broader public, with recommendations for mitigation activities to ameliorate the impacts of future storm events.  Full Details  

Key Contact(s):

Bill Dennison PhotoProfessor Bill Dennison
Vice President for Science Application
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Bill Dennison Integration and Application Network Professor Bill Dennison Vice President for Science Application Bill Dennison Photo workfax(410) 228-3843 work(410) 221-2004 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
PO Box 775
/ 2020 Horns Point Rd
Cambridge MD 21613 USA

Tracey Saxby Photo Tracey Saxby (IAN Alumni)
Project Manager
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Tracey Saxby Integration and Application Network Tracey Saxby Project Manager Tracey Saxby Photo Visual Science
work Squamish BC V8B0C2 CANADA

Brianne Walsh Photo Brianne Walsh
Senior Science Communicator
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Brianne Walsh Integration and Application Network Brianne Walsh Senior Science Communicator Brianne Walsh Photo work(443) 477-3293
work USA