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2023/2024 Chesapeake Bay and Watershed Report Card

This report card provides a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed. Since 2016, UMCES has engaged stakeholders throughout the watershed to transform the report card into an evaluation of the Chesapeake Watershed health. Watershed health includes traditional ecological indicators, but also economic and societal indicators. This is the fifth year the watershed has been scored, and while no new indicators were included this year there were multiple updates to existing indicators.

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Report Cards for the Clinton, Detroit, Huron, River Raisin, and Rouge Rivers

Watershed report cards are powerful tools to describe ecosystem status, increase public awareness, and inform and influence decision makers to improve the health of a watershed. This is the first Southeast Michigan Report Card, which provides an overall socio-environmental assessment of Southeast Michigan based on the combined scores from six river watersheds: Clinton, Detroit, Huron, River Raisin, and Rouge. This report card is the collective effort of dozens of stakeholders throughout Southeast Michigan. Overall, Southeast Michigan earned a score of 49%, a C.

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Building Resilience in the Maryland Coastal Bays

The theme of this 2022 State of the Coastal Bays is building ecological resilience in the region. The structure of the State of the Coastal Bays is to 1) establish the challenge of climate change, 2) discuss various aspects of ecosystem health, 3) conceptualize key features and major threats and highlight features that increase health and resilience, and 4) discuss various aspects of resilience.

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Climate Change and Fiji Coasts

The first-ever Fiji Socioenvironmental Report Card is now available! This report, released by the PACPATH team, examines threats to Fiji's communities and coasts and proposes actions to fight the impacts of climate change on the ocean and coastal livelihoods

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2022 Maryland Coastal Bays Report Card

The aim of this report card is to provide a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of 2022 Coastal Bays health. Coastal Bays health is defined as the progress of four water quality indicators (total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen) and two biotic indicators (seagrass, hard clams) toward scientifically derived ecological thresholds or goals. The six indicators are combined into one overarching Coastal Bays Health Index, which is presented as the report card score. The Coastal Bays had an overall score of B- for 2022, an incremental improvement over last year.