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2021 Maryland Coastal Adaptation Report Card

The first-ever Maryland Coastal Adaptation Report Card was just released! This assessment is the first of its kind and examines how Maryland has and will adapt to oncoming and ongoing coastal changes. Overall, Maryland receives a B- in coastal adaptation.

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The Darwin Harbour 2021 Integrated Report Card was released!

On October 13th, 2021 the first ever Darwin Harbour Integrated Report Card was released to the public. Darwin Harbour is currently in good health, yet more can be done to improve and better understand it.

Overall, Darwin Harbour and its catchment received a grade of B− in 2021. This grade was comprised of information on eight values, each with variable results. Click on "Learn More" below to read about the values and indicators within this report card, and the recommendations produced from the process. Photo by Shaana McNaught.

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Coral Reef Ecosystem Status and Trends Reports

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Conservation Program is investing significant funding to support a National Coral Reef Monitoring Plan throughout the U.S. Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean coral reef areas. The Integration and Application Network understands that a key component of this plan is periodic national-level status and trends reporting.

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International Seagrass Biology Workshop and World Seagrass Conference Planning

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