Short courses

IAN staff regularly teach short courses that are tailored to the needs of different groups. These short courses typically focus on hands-on skills-based training. IAN staff have developed the following short courses:

Communicating Science Effectively: The IAN team teaches science communication in workshops of varying duration, a few hours to a week-long course. Science communicators from the IAN team have taught science communication short courses all over the world, both in person and virtually.

Environmental Report Cards: The IAN team teaches the basics of report card production to individuals and groups interested in developing environmental report cards. These courses have been taught all over the world, both in person and virtually.

Stakeholder Engagement: The IAN team is currently developing a short course (2-3 weeks) in stakeholder engagement for the Center for Oceans and Human Health and Climate Change Interactions at the University of South Carolina.

RiverAcademy: IAN has partnered with the International Riverfoundation to co-produce two online courses that result in digital badges hosted on the Credly-Acclaim platform. These courses are “An Introduction to Science Communication” and “River Resilience”.