The Integration and Application Network recognizes the indigenous peoples who first lived on the lands where our two offices are located. Our Annapolis office sits on the lands and waters of the Piscataway, Nentego (Nanticoke), and Susquehannock nations. Our Cambridge office sits on the lands and waters of the Piscataway and Nentego (Nanticoke). The land and water on which these offices sit was systematically stolen from these nations.

We cannot make amends for these injustices, but we acknowledge and appreciate that indigenous peoples were the original caretakers of the lands and waters that we work to protect. We should take insight from generations of indigenous environmental knowledge that have been historically and unwisely disavowed.

Because of the long shadow cast by these past and present systemic inequities, we at IAN are committing ourselves to inclusive engagement of stakeholders across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Diverse and knowledgeable viewpoints inform environmental assessment, which provides actionable recommendations to managers and policy-makers. To achieve this work, it is vital that every voice is heard.