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Dancing with dugongs (Page 1)

Dancing with dugongs

Oliver PE and Dennison WC ·
6 February 2014

This book is for environmental managers. Physically, our environment gives us everything we need, but then there are things that we just 'want', so as our wants grow, the demands we place on our environment increase even more rapidly. As awareness of these environmental pressures grow, so too do the numbers of people working in environmental fields. People can burn out trying to balance their desire to protect the environment with a wide variety of demands. This book tells the story of Prof.

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Tropical Connections: South Florida's marine environment

Kruczynski WL and Fletcher PJ ·
2 July 2012

This book summarizes information on the south Florida marine ecosystem in a manner that is easy to read and understand. The book covers physical and biological oceanography, ecology, human impacts, and climate change. This book is unique in that it consists of fact pages that were prepared by 162 experts in their scientific disciplines. Filled with rich graphics and photos, it is appropriate for students, educators, scientists, and stakeholders.

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Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management - An Introductory Guide (Page 1)

Taking Steps toward Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management

Agardy T, Davis J, Sherwood K and Vestergaard O ·
8 June 2011

Healthy marine and coastal ecosystems provide valuable services - from food security, resources for economic growth and recreation alongside tourism and coastline protection. Published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this guide on Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM), seeks to assist countries and communities to take steps towards making marine and coastal ecosystem-based management operational - from strategic planning to on-site implementation.

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Integrating and Applying Science: A handbook for effective coastal  ecosystem assessment (Page 1)

Integrating and Applying Science: A handbook for effective coastal ecosystem assessment

Longstaff BJ, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lookingbill TR, Hawkey JM, Thomas JE, Wicks EC, Woerner J ·
10 May 2010

Vast areas of the globe's coastal zone have experienced significant declines in ecosystem health. Deteriorating water quality, loss and alteration of vital habitats, and reduced populations of fish and shellfish are some of the major changes recorded. Establishing and running an effective assessment program is a complex process that necessitates strategic collaboration and partnerships between many individuals and agencies.

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Oceanography: An Observer's Guide

Nelson Marshall ·
8 June 2009

While engaged in professional oceanographic research and teaching, Marshall, like the postman who goes for a hike on Sundays, spent much of his free time cruising in his 30-foot auxiliary sloop. Underway he realized that, with the equipment readily available on vessels, whether large or small, interested observers could learn a great deal about their surroundings. This prompted him, in his retirement, to write Oceanography: An Observer's Guide.

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Shifting Sands: Environmental and cultural change in Maryland's Coastal Bays

William C. Dennison, Jane E. Thomas, Carol J. Cain, Tim J.B. Carruthers, Matthew R. Hall, Roman V. Jesien, Catherine E. Wazniak, & David E. Wilson ·
8 June 2009

Referring to both the dynamic nature of the barrier islands forming the coastal lagoons of Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean coastline and also the changing cultural landscape, Shifting Sands is a richly illustrated, multi-authored introduction to Assawoman Bay, Isle of Wight Bay, St. Martin River, Sinepuxent Bay, Newport Bay, and Chincoteague Bay.

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Enclosed Experimental Ecosystems and Scale: Tools for Understanding and Managing Coastal Ecosystems

Petersen JE, Kennedy VS, Dennison WC and Kemp WM (Eds.) ·
2 March 2009

The environmental challenges now facing humanity are particularly acute in the coastal zone. Research in this region and in other aquatic ecosystems is complicated by interactions that occur over broad scales of time, space, and ecological complexity. Enclosed experimental ecosystems have become critical research tools because they provide a degree of control not achievable through field experiments.

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Defending our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership  1998-2004 (Page 1)

Defending our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership 1998-2004

Lane H, Woerner JL, Dennison WC, Neill C, Wilson C, Elliott M, Shively M, Graine J and Jeavons R ·
29 October 2007

Defending Our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership 1998–2004 provides an overview of major issues impacting the Chesapeake Bay, history of the Department of Defense’s involvement in Bay restoration efforts, current Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay restoration initiatives, specific case studies, and viewpoints of various key individuals dedicated to restoration.

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