The Integration and Application Network has been involved in education from its inception.

Originally, IAN staff delivered science communication short courses (3-5 days) in person on the Horn Point Laboratory, UMCES campus. After a few iterations of these courses at Horn Point Laboratory, IAN staff began traveling and delivering these short courses in various locations all over the world, including in the Eramus Mundas program in Europe.

IAN staff also began teaching semester long courses in the Marine Estuarine Environmental Science (MEES) graduate program, in particular, courses in science communication and science for environmental management. When the MEES program developed a curriculum that called for an Environment & Society foundation, combining natural and social science, IAN staff helped develop the foundation and co-teach the foundation course. IAN staff also regularly lead Issue Study Group courses in which practical outcomes are produced. IAN staff regularly teach Science Visualization in the MEES program as well. The global demand for IAN training has resulted in several iterations of short courses that were delivered in weekly virtual class meetings.

More recently, IAN partnered with the Kirwan Center to create a Professional Certificate on the edX platform, comprised of four courses.

In addition to the direct teaching by IAN staff, a series of educational initiatives have utilized IAN science communication skills.