Learn our unique visual communication skills

If you want your science to influence decisions and policymaking, you need to learn the art of storytelling; to capture the key messages from your research and make your data compelling.

At IAN we are always exploring new and innovative ways to visualize scientific data. We can teach you everything we know.

With a high instructor to student ratio, our courses use lectures, practical tutorials, and group activities. Our hands-on training builds capacity within your organization by providing you with the tools you need to effectively communicate science.

We can create a course specifically catered to the needs of your organization; choosing from training modules we have developed for overall science communication, conceptual diagrams, presentations, publications, and environmental assessments.

Our team has shared our expertise with organizations throughout the United States and around the world, in locations such as Australia, Europe, Thailand, and Tanzania.

Contact us to set up a course for your organization.

The only bad thing about this course is now I am considered a guru among my lab and collaborators!