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Create change through impactful projects and experiences

We have a broad suite of local, national, and international applied science projects focused on assessing and improving social, economic, and environmental conditions. These projects are designed to work towards real change, and our team members often find a sense of fulfillment from the work they do. Learn more about our array of past and current projects on our project page.

Work on a diverse group of projects all over the world

Although our physical offices are based in Annapolis and Cambridge, Maryland, our projects normally take us all over the world. This provides our staff with valuable experiences navigating different cultures and working with diverse people to improve conditions in areas with highly varied characteristics. We enjoy numerous long-term partnerships and ongoing projects, and bring in new projects every year. This provides exciting learning opportunities for our team, and enables us to apply new techniques to all of our projects.

Our core values:

Learning and progressing

We support our staff by providing numerous opportunities for practical hands on learning, as well as formal professional development opportunities, so that we can continue to grow, while gaining new skills and taking on new challenges.

Supporting each other and our environment

We foster an environment of collaboration and teamwork, supporting and learning from each other, while striving for a healthy work/life balance.

A diverse and accepting workplace

We promote a workplace the accepts everyone, recognizing the importance of the leadership and contributions of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities.

Sound science

We are committed to using sound science in the work that we do, integrating with graphic design to create products that clearly communicate scientifically accurate information.

Good people

We strive to provide a relaxed, fun-loving work environment for all. We see our group as family, and get together as often as we can for coffee, drinks, games, and conversation. We appreciate a good sense of humor, and enjoy each others company.

UMCES provides generous benefits

Our faculty positions provide a comprehensive benefits package that includes industry-leading paid leave benefits, and comprehensive health insurance and retirement plan options. Paid Leave will include 3 personal leave days, 22 annual leave days, and 15 sick days per year. The UMCES holiday schedule includes approximately 15 holidays per year. Health benefit options include comprehensive health, dental, prescription drug, vision, and life insurance plans. UMCES supports two options for retirement planning, and contributes 7.25% of your salary to the retirement plan of your choice.

Working with IAN also includes opportunities for domestic and international travel, flexible daily work locations and schedules, a commitment to positive work-life balance, a congenial and friendly work atmosphere, conference and workshop opportunities, tuition remission, employee assistance program, and other professional development and training resources.

Check out our current openings

Learning from our experiences, we continually evolve and advance the work that we do so that we can have the most positive impact possible. This requires an exciting, dynamic, and multi-talented team of Science Communicators, Project Managers, and Science Integrators with both science and communication training. Our team supports and learns from each other to improve skills and techniques through a supportive, inclusive, and respectful workplace atmosphere. To learn more about the people at IAN, please visit our people page. Current openings include:

Science Communication Scholar