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Group photo of Healthy Rivers for All team.

Healthy Rivers for All: December 2017 retreat

Bill Dennison ·
22 January 2018

Group photo of Healthy Rivers for All team. We held a two-day retreat with our WWF colleagues at Horn Point Laboratory in December 2017. This gathering was somewhat melancholy because it was our last retreat with Simon Costanzo and Karin Krchnak. Simon is no longer based in the US, having moved back to Australia. Karin left WWF in early January 2018 to join the World Bank as the Manager of the 2030 Water Resources Group.

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8th World Water Forum Poster. Image credit: Bill Dennison

Sharing Water event in Washington, D.C.

Bill Dennison ·
27 June 2017
Environmental Literacy | Science Communication | Applying Science | 

8th World Water Forum Poster. Image credit: Bill Dennison … The Eighth World Water Forum is going to be held in Brazilia, Brazil in March 2018. As a lead up to the World Water Forum, a series of regional events are being held to initiate discussions and create enthusiasm for the World Water Forum. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Coca-Cola Company co-sponsored the Sharing Water event on 5 June 2017 as one of these regional events.

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Map of the location of the Three Gorges Dam. Image credit: Rolfmueller (commons) – Rolfmueller (wp-en) - from en wp, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Three Gorges Dam Visit

Simon Costanzo ·
21 June 2017
Environmental Report Cards | Science Communication | Learning Science |     2 comments

In April I travelled to China to discuss report cards with WWF China. Following the workshop (outlined in a previous blog), I was extremely lucky to be taken on a guided tour of the Three Gorges Dam that spans the Yangzte River in Hubei Province. Now this ain’t just any dam, it’s the biggest hydroelectricity generating dam in the world with a capacity of 85 terrawatt hours per year, or a 10th of China’s whole energy budget! Can you imagine?!

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A busy two days on the porch at UMCES Center Administration offices in Cambridge. Image credit: Heath Kelsey

WWF and UMCES Retreat 24-25 May 2017

Heath Kelsey ·
16 June 2017
Environmental Literacy | Environmental Report Cards | 

The WWF-UMCES Partnership met at the UMCES Horn Point Lab Campus in Cambridge, MD on May 24 and 25 this year for our annual two-day retreat. This year’s agenda was, as usual, very ambitious, including the introduction of new people, discussions on branding the partnership, the incorporation of climate change indicators into the report card process, modeling for scenario development, and reviews of upcoming communication products.

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