Second workshop at Louisiana State University to synthesize issues of regional landscape integrity in coastal Louisiana

Louisiana sediment deposition diagramContinuing this project, Bill Dennison and Tim Carruthers traveled to Baton Rouge for two days of workshops with scientists and resource managers to assist in drafting a science newsletter entitled ‘Enhancing landscape integrity in coastal Louisiana: water, sediment, and ecosystems’. Jane Thomas assisted with graphics from Horn Point. This particular newsletter aims to clarify the differences between the Chenier and Deltaic Plains of coastal Louisiana, which were formed by different geologic processes as a result of the Mississippi River changing courses over the past several millennia. Their different underlying structure results in different dominant processes and therefore different threats and management priorities in the two regions. Alaina Owens from LSU will be attending the IAN ‘Science Communication Course’ for a week which will provide the opportunity to complete the newsletter, the second in a series for issues in coastal Louisiana. Visit the Coastal Louisiana Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration (CLEAR) website for further information.