Communicating Science Effectively: A Practical Handbook for Integrating Visual Elements

Communicating Science Effectively HandbookIAN has just published its first book, based on the content of our Science Communication Course. It includes an introduction to the principles of science communication–what effective science communication is, why it is important, and how to do it. The principles include how effective science communication can change societal paradigms and make one a better scientist. General principles relating to all science communication products include providing synthesis, visualization, and context, assembling self-contained visual elements such as photos, maps, conceptual diagrams and data, formatting content to define and simplify terms, and eliminating jargon and acronyms. Techniques and principles for communicating in different media–desktop publishing (including posters and newsletters), presentations and websites–are outlined. Finally, a case study is presented to illustrate how effective science communication has become an integral part of a successful environmental science, monitoring, planning, and implementation program.