2013 Firelands Coastal Tributaries Report Cards Released

Firelands report cardsThe aim of these three report cards is to provide a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of the watershed health for Old Woman Creek, Pipe Creek, and Mills Creek in 2013. This is the second year of the Old Woman Creek and Pipe Creek Report Cards, and the first year of the Mills Creek Report Card. All three creeks are located on the south-central shore of Lake Erie, and flow from south to north. While these streams are freshwater, they do include an estuarine section, where water is exchanged with Lake Erie. This year's report card analysis and production was done by the Erie Soil and Water Conservation District. In 2013, both Old Woman Creek and Pipe Creek grades declined. Old Woman Creek health scored a D+ in 2013, down from a C in 2012. Pipe Creek health also scored a D+ in 2013, down from a C- in 2012. Mills Creek health scored an F in 2013. Detailed methods and results are available from the Firelands Coastal Tributaries Watershed Program.