Missouri River basin & Mississippi River basin newsletters released

Missouri River basin newsletter and Mississippi Report CardThe Missouri River basin report card workshop newsletter was published in September. Potential indicators for an assessment of management goals for the Mississippi River were determined at two workshops within the Missouri River basin. The first workshop was held in Rapid City, South Dakota in May, and a second workshop was held in Kansas City, Missouri in August. This is the fifth in a series of newsletters that will document progress toward completing the report card through stakeholder meetings in all five basins of the Mississippi River watershed. The final list of indicators will be determined by several factors, including data availability and how well they represent achievement of management goals. Results from each basin will be refined and integrated into a report card for the entire Mississippi River Watershed. The Mississippi River Basin report card workshop newsletter was published in September. The America's Watershed Initiative concluded the series of workshops in the five basins with a meeting in Arlington, Virginia in June to discuss the integration of basin results into the overall watershed results. The meeting also addressed issues that are applicable at the scale of the entire watershed but that were not evident from the basin workshops. This meeting built on the results of the workshops held in each of the basins in the watershed over the previous year.