IAN attends NSF STEM Design Week in NY Harbor

Governor's Island Ferry landingIAN team members made their way up to New York City for Summer Design Week, a three day conference organized by Pace University. The week was an opportunity to bring partners on the NY Harbor STEM project together in order to give updates, collaborate, and encourage team building. It was here IAN unveiled the new digital platform, an app that students will use to record data at restoration sites.  A highlight of the trip was Billion Oyster Project's inaugural STEM Symposium at Governors Island, where partners on the NY Harbor project were able to meet and interact with the middle school students and teachers who will be engaging in the program. Out on Governors Island everyone enjoyed seeing environmental projects done by graduating seniors at The Harbor School, eating oysters and cheeseburgers while looking out on the harbor from the admiral's house, and watching 'Superhero Clubhouse' perform a NY Harbor restoration themed musical production entitled 'Salty Folk'.