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  • Sarah Wilkins presented the latest Science for Citizens seminar titled "Chesapeake Bay Sentinel Site Cooperative" which is now posted to IAN's website and on Youtube.


Willamette River Report Card released

Willamette River Report Card 2015 coverThe Willamette River Report Card was released on Wednesday December 2, after a 1.5 year project involving the Willamette River Initiative at Meyer Memorial Trust and many partner organizations in the region. The project began with workshops in Corvallis and Eugene, OR, designed to illustrate the main features, processes, and pressures that affect the river and assign indicators to evaluate the rivers condition in the Upper, Middle, and Lower Willamette River segments. The Willamette scored a B- on the report card, based on indicators evaluating Water Quality, Fish and Wildlife, Habitat, Water Flow, and People and the River. The report card is accompanied by a detailed document that fully describes the process, indicators, and data analysis that were used in the report card process.

Coastal Georgia gets a B+ in first ever report card

Health Kelsey presents the Coastal Georgia Ecosystem Report CardThe Coastal Georgia Ecosystem Report Card was released November 13th, in Brunswick, GA. Heath Kelsey and Alexandra Fries revealed and discussed the report card grades during a two-part release event for both the press and technical audiences. Developed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division and IAN, this report card provides a transparent assessment of Coastal Georgia. The report card includes twelve indicators in total: three human health indicators, three fisheries indicators, and six wildlife indicators. In 2014, the overall grade for Coastal Georgia was 76%, a B+. This means the coast is in moderately good health. For further details, visit the report card page here.

Guaviare River Report Card workshop - Colombia

Participants of the Guaviare River workshopThe third workshop for the Orinoco Basin Health Report Cards occurred in September 2015 with the stakeholder engagement meeting in San Jose del Guaviare, Colombia. More than 55 representatives from 27 organizations attended the workshop aimed at identifying the environmental, social, and economic indicators that will form the basis of the Guaviare River Report Card. Indicators were chosen based on the top values and threats identified as key to the future sustainability of the Guaviare River basin. Participating institutions included the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Humboldt Institute, Sinchi Institute, Omacha Foundation, and WWF Colombia among others.

IAN welcomes David Yayac

David Yayac joins IANDave is currently in his final semester at the Academy of Art University where he is studying for a BFA in Web Design and New Media. Formerly in the telecommunications industry, he prides himself on having a well-rounded portfolio that showcases his various design skills, as well as web development. Dave was born in Jackson, NJ, but has called Wilmington, NC home for the past 20 years. He loves to travel and believes that traveling to various locations, meeting new people and coming into contact with different cultures are experiences important to personal growth. He is an avid snowboarder and surfer and loves being in the outdoors. He will have to be a bit more creative with these passions since he is now living in Annapolis, MD, but is excited for the career growth that will come from this experience.