IAN partnering with the World Wildlife Fund

Group photo of brainstorming team from WWF and IANIAN has begun what is planned to be a lasting relationship with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to advance our collective vision of achieving better conservation outcomes globally. Simon Costanzo, Alex Fries, and Bill Dennison travelled into the WWF US Headquarters in Washington D.C. for a brainstorming session on a global approach to environmental report cards (or scorecards) to assess rivers of the world. Currently, IAN and WWF are partnering on a report card for the Colombian tributaries of the Orinoco River, which is the platform for expansion of the partnership to some of the 273 transboundary rivers that WWF have prioritized. The combination of IAN and WWF skills and capacity appears to be a great fit for successfully achieving this goal and will be a significant step in IAN's evolution moving forward.