Chesapeake Bay health improved in 2014

Chesapeake Bay Report Card 2014 coverStrong improvements were seen in 2014 Bay health as almost all indicator scores improved. Overall, Chesapeake Bay scored 50%, up from the previous year's score of 45% (both C's). While the improvements are promising, most regions still have poor to moderate scores. The highest scoring indicator was dissolved oxygen (89%, an A), and the lowest scoring indicator was water clarity (15%, an F). Aquatic grass scores improved or stayed the same in all regions, due to the expansion of Ruppia. Both nitrogen and phosphorus are showing significantly improving trends over time, while chlorophyll a and water clarity have declining trends. This report card includes an analysis on the resiliency of coastal wetlands to current and future sea level rise rates as part of a Climate Change Resilience Index study. For further details, visit the Report Card website.