U.S. Coral Reefs are in fair condition, but vulnerable to further decline

On November 10th, IAN held a press event with NOAA'S Coral Reef Conservation Program to launch the national coral reef status report. Years in the making, Coral reef condition: a status report for U.S. Coral Reefs synthesizes data from four categories (corals & algae, fish, climate, and human connections) to determine the health of Pacific and Atlantic coral reefs. The report is designed to be accessible for the general public and policy makers, utilizing color-rich visuals and descriptive text. Nine jurisdiction-specific coral status reports were published prior to this national report. For more information, visit the Coral Reef Information System or our reef project page.

Online River Academy science communication training course

River Academy, the latest initiative from International River Foundation, is an interactive learning platform. Current course offerings include Leadership for River Practitioners, River Resilience, Science Communication, and River Restoration - Form and Function. IAN is developing the introductory course in Science Communication, which will cover topics ranging from storytelling strategies, to color theory, to data visualization. Upon completing a course with River Academy, participants will be issued a digital badge to showcase on their CV/resume.

Professional Certificate in Science for Environmental Management

UMCES is offering free online courses through EdX, a non-profit global provider of massive open online courses. Registration is now open! Certification for each course can be acquired through a small fee. Upon completing all four courses, students will earn a Professional Certificate in Science for Environmental Management. Communicating science effectively starts January 18, 2021. The other courses are: Developing socio-environmental report cards; Socio-environmental management; and Decision-making in socio-environmental management.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, ISBW14 and WSC2020 are postponed until summer 2022

We will update everyone as we have more information. Please discontinue abstract submission at this time, and stay safe and healthy. Visit the ISBW14 website for more details.

Congratulations, Dylan!

IAN science communicator Dylan Taillie is finishing his Master's degree at UMCES this year. On November 30, Dylan defended his thesis, which examined the effects of landscape management strategies on songbird habitat quality in western Maryland. Dylan has been with IAN and UMCES in various capacities since 2015. Unsurprisingly, his thesis presentation was filled with killer graphics. Great work, Dylan!