Join us for virtual workshops on coastal adaptation and disaster preparedness

Much of Maryland's population lives and works along the coast. Coastal communities are vulnerable to extreme weather events and sea level rise, which cause flooding. As climate change continues, flooding will become more frequent and severe, so it is vital that coastal communities adapt. Many communities have already undertaken action. But are these actions effective? And how can we measure adaptation progress in the face of ongoing change? The Maryland Coastal Adaptation Report Card seeks answers to these questions, and we are asking for community participation in workshops to develop the report card. Visit the project website for more information, or contact the project directly

Kicking off the COAST Card project

IAN-UMCES led the kick-off activities of our Belmont Forum-funded project, COAST Card (Coastal Ocean Assessment for Sustainability and Transformation), through a series of virtual meetings in September and October. The meetings brought together partners from the USA, Norway, Japan, Philippines, and India. COAST Card integrates socio-environmental report cards, social network analysis, and system dynamics modeling in global locations: the Chesapeake Bay (USA), Manila Bay (Philippines), Tokyo Bay and Ishigaki Island (Japan), and the Goa Coast of India. To learn more, please visit the project site.

Online River Academy science communication training course

River Academy, the latest initiative from International River Foundation, is an interactive learning platform. Current course offerings include Leadership for River Practitioners, River Resilience, Science Communication, and River Restoration - Form and Function. IAN is developing the introductory course in Science Communication, which will cover topics ranging from storytelling strategies, to color theory, to data visualization. Upon completing a course with River Academy, participants will be issued a digital badge to showcase on their CV/resume.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, ISBW14 and WSC2020 are postponed until summer 2022

We will update everyone as we have more information. Please discontinue abstract submission at this time, and stay safe and healthy. Visit the ISBW14 website for more details.

Welcome, Crystal!

The newest addition to our team is Crystal Nichols, who joins us as an intern working remotely from southern Oregon. Crystal attended Ball State University for her bachelor's degree in aquatic biology and fisheries, and Southern Oregon University for her master's degree in environmental education. She will work with IAN video team members to create and edit video modules for various exciting projects. When Crystal is not working, she spends as much time as she can outside, trail running, kayaking, and snorkeling in beautiful Oregon rivers.