Lake Tahoe conceptual diagrams

Lake Tahoe conceptual diagrams

Degradation of nearshore quality is a primary concern of Lake Tahoe’s residents and stakeholders. Issues impacting the nearshore environment include visible algal growth as well as the establishment and threat of aquatic invasive species.

This project seeks to improve the effectiveness of communicating the results and findings of the Evaluation of Nearshore Ecology and Aesthetics Project to informed stakeholders, the general public, and the science community.

IAN's role is to create a series of conceptual diagrams for Lake Tahoe's nearshore environment, as tools for outreach and communication. Diagrams will be created to define the nearshore of Lake Tahoe, detailing beneficial uses for the lake and key natural processes that control nearshore aesthetics; depict major sources of pollutants and their associated effects, with list of management actions to control pollutant sources; and contrast developed versus undeveloped areas.


Key Personnel

Tracey Saxby
Project Manager
Heath Kelsey
IAN Director

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