Projects located in Coastal Louisiana

The Water Institute of the Gulf: Creation of a synthesis report

2015-09-10 — 2017-03-31

This project will be to develop a 16-page, full color, graphics rich booklet for The Water Institute of the Gulf. The synthesis report will explain the key habitats of coastal Louisiana, the ecosystem services that they deliver to support coastal community resilience and how this could be enhanced.

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The Water Institute of the Gulf: Creation of conceptual diagrams

2015-07-27 — 2015-11-30

This project is to develop custom conceptual diagrams according to the needs of The Water Institute of the Gulf (TWI). Diagrams are likely to include: key ecosystem components including: marsh, bald cypress swamp, mangrove stand, oyster reef, aquatic vegetation, barrier island, and open water/base sediment.

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Louisiana Discovery Integration and Application Fellowship program

2014-07-01 — 2014-10-01

Bill Dennison, Bill Nuttle, and Tracey Saxby from IAN have teamed up with Robert Twilley and his staff at Louisiana Sea Grant to create a program with postdoctorates and graduate students working with Louisiana Sea Grant Marine Extension Program agents and the Coastal Sustainability Studio at Louisiana State University. This project was initiated in July in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Louisiana Sea Level Rise

2005-06-01 — 2006-01-01

Coastal Louisiana is home to the nation’s largest port complex in both tonnage and infrastructure, and produces or transports nearly one-third of the nation’s oil and gas supply. In addition, the coastal Louisiana ecosystem provides nationally-important fish and wildlife habitat that supports the nation’s second-largest commercial fishery and over $1 billion per year in recreational fishing and hunting revenues.

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