Projects located in South Florida

Karenia Nutrient Dynamics in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

2012-01-01 — 2012-11-01

Native to the Gulf of Mexico, Karenia brevis is a toxic dinoflagellate that blooms almost annually off the west coast of Florida. K. brevis blooms are not a new phenomenon on the west Florida shelf, and ships' logs suggest bloom-related events (fish kills) dating back to the 1500s. Coastal regions of Florida have experienced some of the most rapid population growth and development in the United States.

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South Florida Ecosystem Synthesis

2010-01-01 — 2012-12-31

This book aims to synthesize research pertaining to key background and drivers of the South Florida ecosystem. Eight chapters organize the main research topics: geographic setting, oceanography, water quality, coral reef and hardbottom, seagrasses, mangroves, some important biota, and some important management actions.

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Florida seagrasses workshop facilitation and newsletter

2008-12-29 — 2009-05-29

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is developing a new transparency standard for marine waters that will protect the seagrass species found throughout the state. The current standard does not sufficiently protect seagrasses, and the new standard will help DEP identify waters in which transparency is too low for healthy seagrass beds.

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