Projects for Jane Hawkey

Evaluation of Multi-Year Data Sets to Establish Status and Trends of Environmental Restoration Success in the Everglades

2016-09-30 — 2019-09-30

The purpose of this project is to evaluate recent scientific findings that demonstrate progress towards restoration goals for the Everglades, identify research gaps related to the function of the Everglades ecosystem, and to make recommendations for management decisions based on those findings. This system status assessment will be used to convey these findings for the system as a whole and regions of the Everglades to public resource managers and stakeholders.

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State of Yucatan Report Card

2016-08-01 — 2019-06-01

The Yucatan coast of NE Mexico that borders the Gulf of Mexico supports a high biodiversity of plants and animals, as well as important fisheries and tourism activities. However, the region's rapid growth in terms of coastal development is putting immense pressure on these natural resources.

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Indian River Lagoon Report Card

2015-10-01 — 2016-05-01

The Marine Resource Council of East Florida, along with many partners, proposes to develop an ecosystem health report card for the Indian River Lagoon. IAN will help develop by the report card by facilitating a kickoff workshop and producing a framework document for the report card process. Future work will include data analysis, final scores and grades, and producing the report card.

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From Science to Solutions

2014-09-20 — 2014-11-03

In a time of declining resources, field stations (including marine labs and nature reserves) are struggling to maintain and enhance their important contributions to scientific discovery, innovation, education, and public outreach.

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WWF UMCES Partnership

2014-09-01 —

WWF and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences seek to empower stakeholders around the world to develop and effectively use credible, locally owned report cards in their basins, fostering sustainable water management across basins around the world.

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Synthesis of South Atlantic Ecosystem Health Indicators

2014-08-01 — 2015-03-02

The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (South Atlantic LCC) is a partnership of federal, state, and private organizations dedicated to conserving a landscape capable of sustaining the nation’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. The primary objective of this project is to develop a short synthesis report assessing 11 habitats, using a variety of ecological indicators.

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Chesapeake Bay Health Stories

2014-07-01 — 2015-02-01

The main goal of this project is to develop a web-based tool that allows users to explore time series of important bay health indicators, resources and influences. Users would be able to drag a slider across a series of years to see how status changes over time. A carousel of images, conceptual diagram, and videos could scroll through, regardless of where the slider is. Data would also be presented for inputs and overall bay status. An indicator would show what year was being shown.

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Development of Dam and River Conceptual Diagrams

2013-04-01 — 2015-12-31

Seqwater is the Queensland Government Statutory Authority responsible for ensuring a safe, secure and reliable water supply for South East Queensland, Australia, as well as managing catchment health and providing recreational facilities to the community. IAN has been contracted to produce conceptual diagrams of a multiple of dams and river systems that describe the water quality of the waterways and influences on the watershed.

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Linking Habitat Restoration and Fish Productivity

2013-03-01 — 2013-04-30

Working with staff at Restore America's Estuaries, IAN staff will develop a marketing report to describe the links between coastal habitat restoration and fish productivity to non-science audiences. The report will highlight selected fish lifecycles and describe how each stage is dependent on key coastal and estuarine habitats.

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Report Card for Chilika Lake

2013-02-01 — 2013-12-31

The World Bank-funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Project serves to assist the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, in building national capacity for implementation of a comprehensive coastal management approach, and piloting the integrated coastal zone management approach in the States of Gujarat, Odisha, and West Bengal, all with long coastlines and unique biodiversity conditions. Each State has a designated State Project Management Unit (SPMU).

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