2012-2017 Everglades Report Card (Page 1)  
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2012-2017 Everglades Report Card

This is the first Everglades report card. It is a RECOVER product that provides a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of health of the Florida Everglades using data from May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2017. The Everglades Report Card, a complement to the 2019 System Status Report, assesses and synthesizes ecological data to evaluate overall ecosystem condition using performance-driven metrics compared against a goal or ecologically-relevant threshold. Further information and details can be found at evergladesecohealth.org.


IAN Author(s)Alexandra Fries, Emily Nastase, Bill Nuttle, Caroline Donovan, Heath Kelsey
Date Published2019-04-23
TypeReport Card
ProjectEvaluation of Multi-Year Data Sets to Establish Status and Trends of Environmental Restoration Success in the Everglades
Number of Pages6
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